Lomi associates directory


The Lomi Associates listed on these pages are among hundreds of individuals who’ve been trained through programs of Lomi School Foundation since 1970. They’ve been educated toward an embodied awareness and a familiarity with the mind-body process that informs their work. You can use this list as a resource guide for finding a therapist, body worker, or somatic coach along with many other areas
of practice listed. Please note many are also available as group leaders, teachers, speakers, and for consultations.


Psychotherapy PT

Bodywork BW

Somatic Therapy ST

Movement Therapy MT

Somatic Education SE

Somatic Coaching SC



Georgia Berry , MFT Registered Intern (IMF 50936)
Supervised by Jeanie Wedekind, MFT (MFC 27589)

Sebastopol, CA. 707.953.8790, fax: 707.829.5072,
email: georjaberry2@aol.com. I work with individuals, couples
and children using somatic therapy, emotionally focused therapy, attachment, Rogerian, dreamwork-Jungian and play therapy. (PT, ST)


Beth Buchanan, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Dance Movement Therapist (MFC 37318)
Sebastopol, CA. 707.583.2301
Ongoing Dance Therapy Group as of Spring 2011, individual, couple, family-child psychotherapy services. Licensed MFT and Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist. Insurance accepted. (PT, ST, MT)


Kitty Chelton , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 30322)

Sebastopol, CA. 707.823.8203, email: KCChelton@comcast.net
website: www.rememberingthebody.com. Individuals, couples and adolescent therapy. Consultation and training in Somatic Psychotherapy. Inservice trainings for clinics. CEU's for therapists and supervisors.
(PT, ST, BW)


Judith Day , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 25423)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.521.2107, website: www.judithday.com. Mindfulness and somatic based therapy for depression, anxiety, abuse, loss, and personal growth. Meditation training. (PT, SE, OTHER)

Richard Doleman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 32655)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.573.8436, email: rdolemft@comcast.net. I specialize in Couples Therapy. Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) is a highly effective, experiential, body-based modality which evokes positive attachment related primary emotions to create or renew intimate connection. I am a certified EFT Practitioner. (PT, ST)

Carolyn Shoshana Fershtman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (PSY 22774)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.528.2441, email: cfershtman@sbcglobal.net.
web: www.fourworldstherapy.com

Working with mindfulness based somatic approaches reduces stress, increases joy and puts you deeply in touch with your own lived experience. Your connection to inner guidance deepens through imaginal and somatic explorations that transform limiting beliefs within a safe and trusting environment. Approaches include Jungian therapy, dreamwork, psychospirituality, ecopsychology, imaginal exploration. (PT, ST, OTHER)


Diane Harnish , Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist (PSY 24138)

Novato, CA. 415.924.4252 fax: 484.924.5551
email: dianeharnish@mac.com

web: http://Therapists.Psychologytoday.com/94338

I offer body-centered psychotherapy, emphasizing Reichian Orgonomic character analysis and biophysical (somatic) therapy. If you are experiencing anxiety, panic, depression, relational problems, or desire more happiness, confidence and self-awareness, this work helps you access and heal core issues that interfere with your natural expansion and expression of your true self. (PT, ST, BW)


Debra Kelly, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 19530)
Group & Individual Supervisor, Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.569.0459
web: www.kellycounselingsantarosa.com.
Psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Life Transitions, Parenting, Chronic and Life Threatening Conditions, LGBTQ, Supervision and Consultation.

David J. Kest, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 30578)

San Rafael and San Francisco, CA. 415.455.9029
email: DavidJKest@yahoo.com, web: www.couplesdialogue.com.
Now located in San Rafael and San Francisco with over 20 years experience. Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Certified Analytic Somatic Therapist; Certified EMDR Therapist. A Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Assoc. I offer clients an integrated approach to psychotherapy that heals mind, body and spirit.
(PT, SC, ST, MT, SE, BW)


Inge Martin, MA, M.Ed, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(MFC 35153)

Marin, San Francisco, Berkeley, CA. 415.450.8887

email: imartinmft@gmail.com

web: www.ingemartin.com

I offer body-centered Character Analytic (Reichian) Psychotherapy. This approach reaches deep under the presenting symptoms and facilitates life changing and lasting results. (PT, ST BW)

Ginny Patton Matchette, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(MFC 34518)

Essential Therapy Center, Vallejo, CA. 707.793.2230
Issues: relationship; anxiety/fear/trauma; “stuckness”; loss or grief; substance abuse/addiction. Transforming core beliefs; developing and strengthening the true Self within. (PT, ST, OTHER: Music Therapy)

Myra J. Mayesh, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 45728)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.527.9822
email: myra@mayeshcounselingservices.com,

web: www.mayeshcounselingservices.com. Psychotherapy for adults, couples, teens, families and groups. Mind-body orientation and emotionally-focused orientations to address issues of relationship distress, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, and personal growth. For more info, please visit my website or call for a free consultation. (PT, ST)


Sandy McCabe, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 38517)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.776.0698
All issues, Individuals. EFT for Couples. Bioenergetic Analysis and Somatic Therapy. Grief Recovery. GLBT positive. Gentle. (PT, ST)

Warren Miller, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, OTR/L
(MFC 50603, OT 908)

San Francisco, CA. 415.795.2926
email: warren.praxis@gmail.com

web: www.warrenmillercounseling.com.

Services offered: Holistic, relational, mindfulness-based, body-oriented psychotherapy for individual adults and seniors struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, illness/ disability, loss, and relationship issues. Fostering resilience! (PT, ST, SE, MT)


Ellen Mossman, CMT

Richmond, CA. 510.527.7968.

email: ellen@craniosacralwork.com,

web: www.craniosacralwork.com Craniosacral Therapy and Education:  Craniosacral therapy and bodywork for chronic pain, trauma recovery, jaw problems, orthopedic conditions, exploring the body mind interface and to increase laughter. Adults, infants, and children. Classes and workshops in craniosacral work and anatomy. Practicing bodywork since 1985. (ST, SE, BW, OTHER)


Karen Nordeen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 36611) Body-Oriented Psychotherapist

Santa Rosa and Novato, CA. 415.419.3529
email: kenordeen@comcast.net, web: www.meaningfulchange.us.
As a Somatic Therapist, I am committed to helping individuals and groups reduce stress and increase function, flexibility and choice. I am a Bodynamic Analyst, In-Service Educator, and combine techniques in stress reduction and brain integration to assist in personal change.
(PT, SC, ST, SE, BW, OTHER: Bodynamic Analyst, Neuroreflex Integration, Brain Gym Techniques)

Thomas Pope, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 21126)

Clinical Director, Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic.

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.568.1601, fax: 707.433.4043
email: thomaspope@earthlink.net. Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapy for individuals and couples. Depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship and intimacy issues, sexuality, spiritual and creative concerns and blocks. (PT, BW, ST, MT, SE, OTHER)


Lily Rossman , MA, MFTI (IMF 57558)

Supervised by BJ Brown, MFT (MFC 30551)

Petaluma, CA. 707.331.6565, email: lilyblessedjourney@yahoo.com.

web: www.sacredpaththerapy.upweb.com

I specialize in Prenatal and Postpartum Therapy, helping new moms and their partners through the greatest transition of life. I am deeply passionate about Somatic Therapy, helping people connect to their bodies. I am committed to the uniqueness of each client, tailoring each session to the needs of the individual.
(PT, ST, OTHER: Prenatal and Postpartum Therapy)

Robert Sanoff , MA

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.537.7552, email: rocasan@sbcglobal.net.

Focused consultation and somatic therapy for individuals, couples,
and small business. Thirty-three years experience in private practice, including group process and leading of seminars at Esalen Institute.


Ayne Shore, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 37449)

Program Director, Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.696.6978.
web: www.counselingforchange.org
I specialize in helping you to break dysfunctional patterns that prevent you from living your best life. I work with individuals, 18 and over. I help you on your path to resolving trauma and abuse issues, lowering your anxiety and stress, dealing with your relationship difficulties, and moving through the inevitable transitions in life.  (PT, ST, MT, SE)


Jessica Smith , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 47647)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.205.9670.

email: jessica@jessicasmithmft.com

web: www.santa-rosa-counseling-therapy.org

Somatic psychotherapy for adults and couples. Trauma resolution, anxiety and depression, relationship and intimacy issues, grief and loss, sexuality concerns and personal growth. (PT, ST, SE, BW)


Therese Smith , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 46384)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.529.6565.

web: santarosacounseling.org

Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and children. Mind-body orientation to relieve depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship challenges, abuse, loss, and assist with personal growth. Call for free consultation. (BW, ST, MT, SE, OTHER)


Karen Stocksdale , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 50508)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.217.1333. email: stocksdale@msn.com
I am available to see children, teens, adults and couples. I specialize in personal growth issues, trauma, grief and loss, and relationship problems. Also trained in somatics which helps support the mind/body connection. (PT, ST)


Myron Walters, MA, CMT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC48772)

Cotati and Mill Valley, CA. 415.686.3445, website: www.myronwalters.com. Body oriented psychotherapy for individuals, couples, groups. Specialty: adults with severe childhood trauma/abuse, dissociative disorders (such as Dissociative Identity Disorder), complex PTSD, trauma resolution (using Somatic Experiencing). 6-week Skills Group for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma in both Cotati and Mill Valley.

(PT, ST, SE, MT, BW, Other)


Kevin Williams , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 34220)

Santa Rosa and San Francisco, CA. 415.232.5425. Body Oriented Psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intimacy, blocks, sexuality, focusing and relationship issues. (PT, ST, BW)